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This is the best app I haven't forgotten a day yet

It's ok

It does what it does. It definitely helps you count the Omer.

So far keeping up

This app is great. The reminders help me remember to count each day. It's great having the day come up automatically.

App does not load

I downloaded this app, hoping to use it for counting the Omer, but all I get is a black screen.

Day 58: Confusion within bungling

Great app for the first 49 days, but last night I had to shut the "Time to count!" notifications off, as the app is kind of boring when you open it now that it's a week past Shavu'ot. So what's up with the reminders? Today is Day 58, which is eight weeks and two days of the Omer.

Great app

Love the layout and the reminders.

Do the blessings come in English?

Do the blessings come in English? I could give it higher rating if I was able to read it in English.


Free notifications that works great! Awesome app

Fantastic Omer App

This has to be the greatest app ever. It is so perfect, so well laid out. It has every feature one would want. It is impossible now to forget to count! Thank you so much to the developers. ה׳ יברך אתכם ותזכו למצוות!

Nice app

Awesome app


Thank u

Saved my multiple times



Very nice sefira app. Organized and easy to use.

Excellent app!

Tailors a reminder to count the Omer at the precise time for your city. Terrific and highly recommend!

The best around!!! 😃😄😉❕❕👍👍

It's great cuz it has FREE reminders! Love it!!!!📱🔝🔝🔝

Tzkeh Lemtzvot

Thank you so much amazing app

Nightfall time error (fixed)

I installed Sefiros in my iphone 4s. Everytime i try to set the nightfall time either manually or by GPS the app quits. Without being able to set the nightfall time, the notifications are not usable. (This error was corrected. Great app)

Nice features

Very effective. I liked that it opens to the bracha, and you can scroll up for the Shem yichud if desired. I have the book, which is also good. Reminders are good.


Reminders were great.

Solid app, kept me on mark

Great job reminding you according to your own schedule

Excellent App




Great app

Helps you stay on count!



Limited but nice

I think it would be nice to have English as well as Ivrit. Also, it isn't obvious how to go and look at previous days if you didn't have time for the learnings (especially true on Shabbat).

Saved me several times.

Thank you.



Fantastic app

Really great app, thank you very much

Great app

Does exactly what it says it does. Easy reminder to count.


Excellent app!

יוצא מן הכלל!

כל הכבוד. בזה כמעט בלתי אפשרי לשכוח את הספירה.


Really love the free reminders. Thank you!

Excellent program!

The reminders are particularly helpful for the absent-minded.


Only counter I found with reminder notification every night. And it's free. Thank you.


Great app this is a very usefull app that allows you do the mitzva on time

Super Easy to Use!

I really like this Omer counter. It's easy to use, intuitive, and most importantly, keeps me on track to fulfill the mitzvah. As a suggestion, please consider adding a font size adjustment to your settings. For my eyes, the font size is too small to daven the entire service.

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